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Freight Forwarder is an individual or a company that matches shipper with transportation services or shipping lines in order to transport goods. Freight Forwarders are responsible for finding authorized, reliable carriers to the shippers and coordinating between shipping lines or carriers for International Shipments.

Freight Forwarder or forwarding agent is also known as a Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), is a person or company that manages shipments for individuals and companies to transport goods from shipper to consignee at the final point of receipt. Freight Forwarders contact with multiple carriers to move shipments. A Freight Forwarder does not move the shipment, they are but they are the expert in the logistics network. There are different carriers ship, airplane, Train and Truck. Multiple transportation methods are used for single shipment.

Freight Forwarder find a carrier that can get a cargo to a specific location via a carrier. Freight brokers work with shippers and shipping lines and transportation companies to move a cargo for a commission for their services. Freight Forwarders negotiate the charges between the shipper and the shipping line / Carrier and arrange for required documents.

Freight Forwarders Handle international shipments and Domestic shipments in Countries like USA, Brazil, Australia, India, India etc. International Freight Forwarders have will have expertise in preparing customs documentation and advising accordingly to shippers on international shipments.

Freight Forwarder verify documents such as commercial invoice, export declaration, bill of lading and other documents required by the carrier/shipping line / Air line of country of export, import, and/or transshipment. Most of these documents are done online at present.


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