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Quick Move - Movers Software Quick Move - Movers Software
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QuickMove Technologies is a Software Product Company delivering Movers Software for end to end business solutions for Logistics industry having presence in Bangalore in India and Texas in USA. We believes that IT is the back bone for any successful business which increases efficiency, transparency, reliability and scalability. Business intelligence, monitoring and analysis business data helps to take accurate business decision and improves end customer satisfaction. We have been focusing in LOGISTICS industry for the past eleven years and keep fine tuning and enhancing QuickMove platform for incorporating the best business practices. QuickMove platform is our passion. We believe that QuickMove can completely transform the LOGISTICS business and gives a competitive edge and business advantage to our customers and better satisfaction to end customer.

  • Web Query – Customers can submit their enquires from website
  • Track Status – Display shipment status based on request.
  • Complaint – Customers can file complaints about their shipments.
  • Insurance Value Form – Input the insurance value form.
  • Feedback – Input feedback for any Job.
  • Claim – Customer can claim in case their goods are damaged.
  • Online Payment – Pay using the integrated payment gateway.
  • Rate Request – Agent can apply their rates and bid.
  • Purchase Order – Agent is able to view and accept the purchase order
  • Agent Invoice – Agent can upload their invoice.

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