Removal Company Bournemouth

Removal Company Bournemouth
Address: Unit 5 Priory Industrial Park Airspeed Road Christchurch, Dorset BH23 4HD
Country: GB

We offer complete household and commercial removal and storage solutions. We assist with every phase and aspect of your removal, whether you want to move locally, nationally or globally. At each point we are on hand to provide advice to assist you to keep on top of everything you need to do.

Preparation is the key to a successful removal, and we make certain you have the information and materials you need.

Flexibility is essential and we aim to fit your lifestyle. Is your program uncommon? Is your budget tight? Ask for options!

We’ll do as much or as little as you wish – all we ask is that you tell us what you want, so we could accommodate you.

Container Storage
Container storage is a method that saves the consumer money. Container storage enables goods to be handled once at collection and once at shipping instead of twice at each end, since the goods are placed into the containers. Container storage is also a secure option, since the containers are in a warehouse, and the individual containers are unknown to all but the storer and consumer.

Container storage also signifies the best use of space, since the components are designed to be simple to fill as full as you can, hence not wasting space. Container storage is also clean, since the contents are not subjected to dust, because they are inside the container. Container storage therefore offers protection, cleanliness and convenience.

Our container storage has proved quite popular, and we use the same containers for our storage department as they are so effective. We keep three piece suites individually to prevent compression marks and permit the containers to be stored as efficiently as possible. The suites are covered, and it has proved a valuable accessory to container storage.

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